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100 Days in Office and What it Means for America!

Will Mr. Trump Tame Mr. Kim Jong Un?

Not so many democracies evaluate an administration after 100 days in office and make comments and conclusions. The ascending into power by Mr. Donald J. Trump has brought about contradictions and confusion in the entire American politics. What his predecessor, former President Barrack H. Obama did sounded bad for the successor and this type of in-fight has never ended for Trump. Only to realize that he has to go slow on some policies Mr. Obama had put in place such as healthcare and international policies.

Trump promised to build the wall separating Mexico and the United States of America in 100 days making Mexico pay the cost. This was a big lie that has never materialized.

He also promised that no Muslim shall enter the United States. He signed executive orders to this effect but since then, courts of law have nullified them. Trump has made several appeals for his policy to work but all in vain.

He swore that China will never be accorded special reception in the White House, if anything, there would be no special dinner. He promised to feed Chinese diplomats with burgers and sand-witches…this has never happened.

He promised to make America great again…a slogan taken from former President, the Late Ronald Regan during his time. Only for Trump to make mistake by attacking Yemen, and throwing the biggest bomb ever on a small location in Afghanistan…a military action that brought serious concern. He is now moving his warships towards the peninsular of Korea in readiness to teach the Leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea a lesson on his Missile and Nuclear agenda. At the same time, Trump has fully joined Syria in fighting the ISIL in the region while sometimes attacking even the government forces.

The ghost of Russia is still haunting Mr. Trump in the White House after 100 days in office. His position with Russia is very confusing and the President is not ready to take a clear diplomatic stand. He is ever in denial as though everybody is wrong and he is right. This is a serious international diplomatic matter that has also tainted his relationship with EU. He severally criticized NATO yet his administration is in support. What Trump says is not what his running mate Mr. Pence tells the world. The White House has contradicting signals that leave everybody wondering what the hell is going on.

Since Mr. Trump ascended to power, there have been many demonstrations country wide with people calling for his resignation over his Executive Orders and style of leadership. To make matters worse, even in the United Kingdom, Trump has never been received officially by Her Majesty the Queen, something that should not be taken lightly. As though this is not very important for Trump, his reception of the UK Premier, Madam May left many people guessing Trump’s attitude about women. The same was repeated during the Germany leader Madam Merkel visit. His way of handling issues is totally vague and lacks a sign of one who is fully informed of the world issues.

In 100 days, the United States of America is divided politically. Those who did not vote for Trump are not yet fully persuaded that he is the right guy in office. Those who supported his election are still adamant and believe that Trump will deliver his promise to the people. Trump has no proof of any sort to unite the Democrats with the Republicans. His relationship with the Congress keeps dwindling even though he keeps on telling the people that he is doing great!

Mr. Trump campaign majored on criticizing his serious opponent, Hillary Clinton of using private emails for handling state affairs. He is doing the same using social media, Twitter to communicate serious state messages to the world. What is the difference?

The same President Donald Trump lied about President Obama wiring his messages when he was in the office…an allegation that has never been proved by any law court as true! He keeps on telling lies on serious matters and all passes as though there is nothing evil about it. All is okay and America is doing great.

Till today, 100 days on line, Trump has failed to reveal his tax compliance and this seems to be a small issue for him. Everything seems to fine even if he is not not yet convinced that Obama was born in the United States of America! It sounds funny but serious!

He blamed his predecessor of spending tax payers’ money to play golf…but Trump is the best golf player! His holidays are frequent and expensive at Mar-al-Largo – Las Vegas! This is ridiculous!

The same Trump defied the issues on climate change and promised to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement of 2015, something that has brought outrage among international diplomats and scientific community. He appears to have no clue about the climate issues while he vowed to thwart any attempt to spend money on research on climate by appointing a climate skeptic person to head the EPA and he approved coal mines and construction of oil pipeline that had been closed by the predecessor.

In 100 days, Mr. Trump has done so well to prove that Mr. Obama erred and he is there to fix the situation. He is not telling us where Obama erred or what Obama did that was not proper! I really doubt  if Mr. Trump has achieved anything other than destroying what had been bench-marking for America under the former administration. If it is true that Obama lit some candle for America, Trump is concerned of putting it off immediately…!

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