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A Day I Can’t Forget

It was a chilly morning when the sun was rising in the eastern horizon.I woke up took a bath,and wore my new silk dress and my sparkling high heeled shoes which made the sound of tick-toe. My mother made a mouth delicacy meal which consisted of ;a juicy glass of mango juice and a spicy sausage. That day my mother sent to visit my grandmother who was as old as the hills. My mother gave me a basket full of fruits which were as fresh as a daisy. At two shakes of a lamb’s tails, i reached the bus stop where i was to border the bus.I waited and waited but no bus was seen.From a far distance,i saw a crowd of people having a palaver.Curiosity got the best of me, i walked briskly towards the crowd.To my utter surprise, the bus that i was waiting got a fatal accident. I quickly remembered that my friend,Wekesa was in that bus, looking carefully i spotted Wekesa.blood was oozing from every possible part of her body,her white blouse was scarlet with her own blood,i cried a flood of tears, sadness was deeply written on my face.I quickly remembered that my mother sent me to my grandmother,i was at sixes and sevens visit this website.The wise words of the greeks crossed my mind;A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND IN DEED.I decided to remain with my friend.I called the mortuary.The mortuary sent a hearse to carry the dead body of Nkekesa.Her funeral was to occur on the following Saturday. She was my only friend and know she was gone.WHAT A SAD DAY ! BY MARINA ONYANGO.

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  1. Really? A nice story Marina.

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