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The most Misunderstood leader in Kenya is Raila

The enigma in the Kenya’s politics is always misunderstood by his rivals!

Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga, the leader of the opposing and enigma in the Kenya’s politics has been only misunderstood by his rivals. August 8th 2017 he had the population of Kenyans that wanted real change and a better governance. His plight came when ICT guru in the IEBC, Mr. Chris Chege Msando was maliciously tortured then murdered. The say goes, the political powers wanted the access to the IEBC servers and this happened. This is a fact that many people have tried to dismiss, but what caused Musando’s death? The government does not address this question. Why are the servers of August elections remain unopened? Who really messed up the election integrity? Both the courts and the diplomats have distanced themselves from investigating this fact. Raila still believes that he won by 8 million votes over Uhuru. The Supreme Court rendered the presidential elections null and void on September 1st but did not seek to punish the culprits.

Raila has been branded as the problem but the solution by the party in government. However, his word is simple…elections theft must be stopped. There must be free, fair and credible elections in Kenya. Electoral laws must be reformed. It is not for him but for the democracy to work in Kenya.

His rivals fear him as a pest. He has been trailed by spies. His security has been withdrawn. His return from the USA became ugly and the government has not apologized and shall not. If anything abuses and insults have been fired at him despite his supporters being murdered and humiliated. The same government is calling for unity and harmony. Raila and his supporters have refused to recognise President Uhuru win and have sworn to go on to swear Raila if Uhuru is sworn. Two presidents but one state. Accept and go on has been the song at the Jubilee side! Raila has another song, apologize and repent…there must be electoral reforms and Kenya must go for another lections. There must be people’s assembly at the county level to call on the national government to honour the nation and have the voice of the people. Some Jubilee leaders even call for the murder of Raila an utterance that annoys his supporters.

Kenya is undergoing a revolution. The nation is split and there is no room for dialogue between the rivals. The future is bleak as the party in government closes the doors for the opposition. National Assembly has ruled with the tyranny of numbers but no mutual dialogue…it is all arrogance and threatening the leaders from NASA. This attitude is not working well as Raila is ready to make his final sacrifice to see Jubilee out of power and to give Kenya back to Kenyans. The situation is too bad for the economy.

The swearing in that never was on 12th December 2017 has been the top story on the daily newspapers. What can make Rt. Hon. Raila and his key supporters to make this bold move of swearing in people’s president? The Constitution of the Republic of Kenya 2010 has no provision describing such office or any mention of such a thing as a people’s president. Would this be like the Council of elders which is only seen in some communities but not enforced by the constitution? There are many questions lingering in the minds of political analysts.

The question of the opposition winning has been problematic since the independence of the Republic. Rt. Hon. Raila and the key opposition leader in Kenya is drifting slowly into an oblivion of real politics as American diplomats claims. His good legacy for democracy in Kenya may suffer irreparable damages once he behaves unconstitutionally and this might also embarrass him.

Yet the opposition leader appears to dispel any fear to damage his reputation and legacy this time round. However, the point I foresee in this is that, Raila is a person whose life has been in militant approach to politics. He might expect military intervention as it happened recently in Zimbabwe but this is Kenya not Zimbabwe and such theory does not hold any water. Rt. Hon. Raila has not served in the military forces and the attempt to make such move is remote.

One thing hard to rule out is that Kenya as a nation is divided but this may not bother the coercive government. The majority of Kenyans are willing to move on and concentrate on their immediate needs other than politics. The former Prime Minister may start seeing some of his supporters taking a different direction and principals splitting and making new moves. Any shadow government which is unconstitutional shall never find its way into real power.

But, as politics says, in politics there are not permanent friends or permanent enemies. Raila has learned how to survive in the Kenya’s politics. President Uhuru and his Deputy have both worked with him and may not worry so much to deal with Raila’s equation. They will just negotiate and give him his package. If this happens Raila shall disappear once and for all from the Kenya’s politics. Another option is for Raila to be arrested in order to derail Uhuru political and divide the nation even further!

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