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About Us

Who we are.

Assi Agency is an innovative enterprise working in the sector of research development, mentorship, career development, editing, proof reading, and assisting researchers to design their projects by providing techniques. Its members are qualified professionals, academics, scholars, and persons from the industry with reputation and good code of conduct. The company is qualified to offer services in assisting individuals and body corporate in high level research projects. It’s also handling ethical audit for organizations and companies at request.

The company was initiated in 2012 with the objective of tapping on skills, talents, and available human resources around the world as a way of improving service delivery for human resources. For the last 5 years, the company has enabled many individuals and entities to realize their goals in business aspirations.

Assi Agency Company has broad range of international consultants who are qualified in various professional and technical fields. They major in Good Governance, Transparency, Professional Ethics (integrity), Management Policy, Law, Trainings, Social and Business Audits, Contracts, Corporate law.

Some of our consulting staff

Dr. Silas Odongo Oriaso – expert in research methodologies, climate change and adaptation indicators & Media

Dr. Peter Onyango Onyoyo-expert in international law, legal issues, debates, research in development areas and policies.

Adv. Agnes Omenta – expert in legal practice, court issues, and offering legal aid to individuals and entities.

Dr. Duncan Ojwang- expert in legal studies, socio-cultural issues, environmental issues among others.

Dr. Scholastica Omondi-expert in legal studies, matters related to law, socio-cultural issues and research.

Adv. Collins Omondi-expert in disability issues, human rights, legal consultancies, human resources and social affairs.

Adv. Naomi Emily Wanja- expert in proof reading, editing and research support cum legal practice.

Miss Carol Adhiambo – expert in secretarial services, coordination of project work, communication and marketing.

Miss Stephanie A. Onyango – expert in creative arts, social media, mentorship for the youth, and junior talents.

Miss Marina Onyango- expert in youth leadership, peer counseling and story telling.