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Adaptation or Not?

Easier said than done, adjusting our mindset to the new contexts caused by climate change is not an easy thing. Farmers are finding it very difficult to carry out their activities as the weather has become unpredictable and hostile. Farmers are at it again and again. There is no quick solution from the government authorities. There are those who ask farmers to go for loans from the banks while some are skeptical about this move. It may be dangerous since every loan must be paid with exorbitant interests, not less than 26%…
The truth of the matter is that problems surrounding the climate change must not be left to the government alone. For heavens’ sake. It is the responsibility and concern of everyone of us wherever part of the world we happen to be. It is a serious mistake to assume that America will come with ready solution. No. Kenyans must take the situation in their own hands and act appropriately.
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