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Disability is a right and must not be violated

Albus is the Latin word meaning “white” and the derivative for Albino. Albino is someone born without certain pigments of the skin. Albinism is caused by a defect in one of several genes that produce or distribute melanin (natural pigment). The defect may result in the absence of melanin production, or a reduced amount of melanin production. Albinism is inherited and requires the defective gene to be passed down by both parents. There are many people born with this reality and it is not a personal choice or a crime. The interest of this blog is to question the on-going practice of profiling albinos or discriminating against them for the colour of their skin. In my understanding it is unethical and illegal to discriminate against any human being despite any deformity. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in spirit of brotherhood. We should therefore treaty one another with respect and humanity. Killing or threatening someone because he or she is albino is not civilised and should not be tolerated. It is irrational to kill one, mutilate, and use parts of his or her body as witchcraft, or charm. This is primitive, unlawful and should be stopped immediately. Tanzania is known for its use of charms derived from parts of the bodies of albinos. I find this practice primitive and disturbing human conscience. Witch-doctors or medicine people who use human body for their business should be charged in law court for international crimes. It is a crime against humanity to kill an albino and use his or her body as charm. I wonder how we can claim that a state protects its citizens while part of the citizens (albinos) are not treated as equals. We must shun certain beliefs and traditions that are uncivilised.
In Kenya, some scrupulous money thirsty people hunt for albinos as hunters hunting for wild animals. I urge governments in Africa to protect and defend the rights of minorities as stated in the African Charter of human and people’s rights. It does not show that we are civilized or that we are responsible. How comes Tanzania has not emerged strongly to abolish such practice? How comes Kenyan government is not doing much to defend the rights of minorities? These questions are disturbing. There is no albino or none albino – we are all human beings entitled to inherent natural rights that all of us must protect. We must behave with civility and decency towards other human beings!
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