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Alcoblow use outlawed in Kenya…news bulletin!

It is real that use of drugs, alcohol or any substance can affect the proper use of the roads and respect of traffic law. In many countries drivers are not allowed to drive while under the influence of any drug or alcohol. The traffic law is very clear on this. The Court of Appeal has said the use of breathalysers to charge drunk drivers in court is illegal.

A three-judge bench on Friday said the laws introduced by NTSA are inconsistent with the Traffic Act. Appeal judges GBM Kariuki, Festus Azangalala and Fatuma Sichale ordered that they be taken back to Parliament for review. Such decision can be good news to law breakers but not good news to many road users who suffer from those who drink and drive.

The court shall only follow the law and evidence. However, the ruling on the use of the technology is based on failure of the legislators to amend the Traffic Act to include alcoblow.

On the other hand, some police officers manning the roads have taken advantage of the policy to make huge income from the offenders.

The law enforcement body is failing to abide by the strictness of the law and to be professional due to corruption. Easy income has made it difficult for the law enforcement in Kenya. Such ruling of the court has come at the right time but there must be a mechanism in place. So many innocent Kenyans die due to misbehaviour of motorists on the roads. For instance, the matatu drivers must be tamed before they make this nation a lawless society. It should not be allowed that any person can fix a gadget on his vehicle to frustrate other motorists. There is a tendency of installing noise devices or some funny lights. Imagine drivers use signs and signals that are internationally accepted. For instance, some cars have ten lights in front making other drivers fail to know the position of the vehicle at night. Some lighting systems make other drivers blind and fail to see the margins of the roads at night.

It is very serious that Matatu in Kenya cannot be controlled by the government. It is sad that leaders cannot enforce the law. It is equally sad that people feel to decorate their vehicles as they wish without minding about the rules. It is wrong and it should be strictly prohibited by the law for one to install any extra light, any color or any noise making device. So many Kenyans develop pathologies related to hearing health or sight due to such unruly motorists. This is worse than even drinking and driving. It kills many Kenyans…!

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