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Workers human rights is well spelt in the international law

The ping-pong between teachers’ Trade Unions and the TSC in Kenya is demonstrating who is who when it comes to justice. As the Teachers’ Service Commission is taking legal avenue to resolve the impasse the KNUT & KUPPET are also using the same laws and judicial authorities to access justice. The say that where two elephants are fighting it is the grass that suffers is now applicable in the Kenyan case. Children benefitting from Education services are the most disadvantaged in this duell.
There is mischief in the TSC. Court Contempt is a serious judicial offence and the Court may rule in favour of the teachers once more in this case. The government has lost the case against the Trade Unions and must bite the bullet. Call spade a spade and not a big spoon. Pay the teachers their due and comply to justice. There is no need for show of might after upholding the new consitution. Respect and enforce the rule of force. Teachers have been right from the beginning and they are still right.
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