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All that glitters is not gold

I have a take on the age of information, the technology that has been created by human hands and minds. However much we have fallen in love with the technology, remember one thing, internet is full of lies, falsehood, propaganda, ideologies, rhetoric, and distortion of ideas and words especially linked to world known celebrities such as the Pope and the President of the USA. cyber-space is now linking billions of people around the world.
It is a question of educating ourselves on what we should follow and believe in and discard whatever is mere propaganda and ideology. Never take the social media messages as Gospel Truth. There are many lies and falsehood being peddled around by some people we may know and trust. There is a lot of destruction and reconstruction of the truth. Almost everybody seems to know the truth while nobody knows anything about the Truth. It is very disappointing to see some digitized images and animations that tend to put words in the mouths of certain personalities. It is queer to impose images that are not real on people in order to damage their reputations.
The correct use of social media must also respect rules of morality and ethics. It is very unfortunate for people to take advantage and frailty of our minds to distort the Truth. Such destructive and defamatory posts do not show our civility. I believe that not all users of social media are stupid or ignorant about certain things…States must put restrictions and regulations on computer and internet. All that we see in the internet is not morally good and ethical right for us.
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