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Kenyan criminal justice in dire need for improvement

There is no place on earth that is so humiliating and demeaning than the cells and jails in Kenya. Kenya has maximum prisons where capital offenders are jailed. The heaviest punishment in Kenya still stands to be death penalty by hanging as stated in the Penal Code. There are also other serious offenders that end up in jail if convicted.

What is so clear is that there are some wrongfully convicted persons whose cases were not handled through the right process of law. For instance, expert testimony and jurimetrics are the areas very much neglected by the judicial authorities. Kenya’s judges are not very comfortable with forensic evidence. Reasons are yet to be established by researchers in this area. What has been utilized most is the traditional eye-witness. Remember that getting people to testify in court is time taking and very difficult since it is risk and not cost-effective. Defenders who fail to adduce sufficient evidence in court risk losing the case no matter what.

Another fact is that legal fee is still too prohibitive in Kenya. Good advocates ask for too much money in fee. Suspects/perpetrators, with weak financial background, usually end up in jail not because they lose the case, but they lack supporting evidence to make their case strong during trial. Access to justice is still lying in the constitution but in reality, legal fee is very high and advocates are not willing to lower it further.

Time is now for researchers to peep into the jails and tell the public what is really happening inside there. There is more than meets the eyes that our research shall soon reveal to the viewers world – wide. Keep on checking this page for more updates.

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