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Anti Refugee Sentiments and Laws

The increase of insecurity in the world, joint war on Islamic State in Syria, flow of refugees in the Western States, the worsening terrorist attacks in some West and North African countries are some of the few indications of serious threat. Refugee law states it clearly that any human being has a right to run away from his or her country to seek refuge in cases of threat of persecution or humanitarian risk. This case is becoming rare as many migrants tend to carry with them some dubious intentions. This was seen in Paris after the terrorist attack defined as transnational crime of terrorism on the integrity of France. Similar use of the international human rights law to perpetrate crimes is being experienced all over. Such tendencies now make some politicians revoke certain rights and limit those who seek refuge. It is still difficult to tell who is a genuine refugee and who is a potential terrorist? Screening and vetting of refugees is becoming a nightmare in Europe as the EU members consider changing their regional laws and policies. But this also shall come with price.
This story is interested in discussing whether refugees are threat or resource? The Republic of Kenya has had bad experience and considered to close certain camps that were used by terrorists as hideouts. Now how can the world separate chaff from grains? May be some technology shall help.
Human beings under human rights law are all born free and equal in rights and dignity. Will this principle hold? The answer is certainly yes. States and governments can join hands, share intelligence, and unite together for one goal.
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