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ASANTE YA PUNDA NI MATEKE – A Donkey’s Reward is a Kick!

Time is running out very fast for evil bent terrorists!

As Turkey is suspending some parts of human rights through state of emergency, attacks are increasing both in France and Germany. Belgium has not been spared neither by those who are bent to commit heinous crimes against international peace and security.

It is intolerable to see all the frequent violent attacks against Europe even if Europe has showed solidarity and humanity towards migrants fleeing from the Middle East. International community must now act on the on-going situation before it gets worse. Many people are getting perturbed by what is unfolding in Europe and whatever will come of it may be unpleasant.

It is not the time for world regimes to relent on their fight against terrorism and acts of crime and violence. Donald Trump is taking the situation seriously and his position may appeal to the conscience of many Americans now. There is call for strong leadership and decisive measures.

Trump stands out as the voice of the masses. His position on terrorism may revolutionize the fight on terrorism but he will obviously need the good will from other members of the international community. Any war must be backed by alliances and Trump may not manage it alone. The fight on terrorism has been criticized by some human rights activists who claim that there must be due process and fair trial of the suspects.

International terrorism is a reality that may require strategic measures. Diplomacy has been tried by many nations and regions including America but it seems that criminals are not relenting any soon.

Germany and other civilized nations considered receiving many refugees and migrants from the war-tone Syria and Iraq. As much as this is about solidarity and protection of the humanity, it seems that some elements of criminals or persons with ill minds got their way into the European system. The tragedy now is how to separate chaffs from the grains. Terrorists are posing as any other civilians and it is difficult to detect their presence. They are not combatants and they wear no uniform. They look innocent as nobody can read their minds.

The world should not be silent on what is happening, neither should nations opt to quit alliances. No war can be won without united forces. NATO should be ready to deal with what is happening to its members and act decisively.

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