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Attacking Paris is hurting the spirit of tolerance in Europe

The war on terrorism has never been so defined as it is today after the terrorist attack on France in November 2015. The event has revealed so many things including the consensus of the United Nation Security Council. Terrorists have made it possible for the world to learn their ill motive to destroy humanity. Condolences to the victims of this barbaric act of terrorists. God Bless Europe!
When the USA was attacked in 2001 on September 11, it was said that the war on terrorism would take quite a long time but COUNTER terror efforts shall succeed. Islamic Caliphate and its supporters will one day be doomed and terminated. It is a question of the world powers getting to consensus and mutual agreement to act upon terrorism decisively.
Terrorism operates within sovereign states. It operates within members of the United Nations. It also operates among innocent civilians. It is unfortunate that some individuals are bent to demolish human civilization and it is unacceptable to attack innocent people. Suicide bombing has become a new warfare but the world will soon find the right solution.
Europe has been so tolerant and open to human rights. Again Europe has suffered two world wars in the past and dealing with terrorism may not be a very big deal. What is required is to unite forces.
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