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Bailing or not bailing, all the same

As Kenyans we are known to be very proud. There is no guilt or sense of wrong doing. It is now clear that Kenya Airways has run into big debt. Instead of finding where the problem is and deal with it once and for all, politicians are campaigning for bail out money. The government pledged to bail out Mumias Sugar Company Limited. Bail out using tax payers money is not the best thing. Once upon a time, Alitalia, an Italian carrier had to bow out. There is no competition in business once a company is bailed out. Kenya Airways will lose more if the problem is not resolved. Bail out is not the solution. The problem lies with business ethics. The management has not learnt how to deal with passengers. Most hostess are not friendly to passengers. They show scaring faces. The remedy to this problem does not rely on bail-out. Kenyans must learn how to face the reality and prosecute wrong doers.
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