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Act of balancing the unbalanceable

Prof. Agbo Madaki lucidly made an attempt to illustrate issues of terrorism linked to Boko Haram. In his view, any act of terrorism is evil. I do agree with him 100%. But my question is, do adherents or members of the radical group Boko Haram see it this way? In other words, does a terrorist admit that his or her conduct is evil? Professor is right to agree that the definition of terrorism is problematic at global level. This blog story is ready to open wider debate on the definition of who is a terrorist and who is not a terrorist? We can work together around social media platform to assist in the understanding of the terrorism. Whether you see it as evil or a good, it does not matter. What matters is your idea about it.
Does terrorism endanger life and cause harms, whether intended or not? Whether it is an act to intimidate or create fear in the general public is not very relevant. What is under question is mutual agreement on the definition of terrorism.
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