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Be the Best Bidder at Any Business…Get Started!

Did you know that financial competency is one of the critical criteria for awarding tenders to bidders in Kenya? At tendering process, the company must demonstrate that it has financial capacity in order to be awarded the tender. Did you know that many Kenyan banks have stopped loaning small and new companies? Did you know that several banks in Kenya have stopped giving money based on LPOs? Now you should know that entrepreneurship in Kenya is faced with serious challenges. This story is interested in discussing how competitiveness is just a dream in Kenya.
Companies with big money in bank and those with god fathers in the government and in the banking industry are given money. Lets speak the reality. Banks in Kenya are very biased and selective. They loan and lend money based on favour and interests. That is why thinking business in some parts of Kenya is like day dreaming. It is not gonna be easy unless the government comes up with strict policies on lending and support to small companies. My small company cannot compete with Safaricom Ltd for example. The tender will be given to the best bidder. The best bidder is that with capital and huge money in the bank. So, money goes back to those who already have it. A friend once told me, forget about government tenders. They are awarded to those who supporte the campaigns. Should this trend perpetuate then Kenya should forget vision 2030.
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