There is a tendency in Kenya that if well connected personalities are found involve in a scam their ethnic groups will turn up in large number to defend them. Politicians found in a scam will get similar treatment from either their communities or their political affiliate making such scam a community issue other than an evil in itself. Such practice is a sign that as a people we have not reached a mature age of making decision on evil conduct. This is a very sly way of promoting corruption and weakening institutions.
The same practice is also seen in the African Union. When some states are involved in committing international crimes and the international court moves in, then the members of the African Union call for mass withdrawal. This is how Kenya has contaminated the African continent. The AU adopting the Kenyan proposal of mass withdrawal from the International Criminal Court created by the Rome Statute is a sign of ganging up to fight international criminal justice. As if such withdrawal will now allow governments and people in authority to assassinate, kill, maim and violate human rights at liberty. Remember that whether the State is a signatory of the Rome Statute, the state is not free from prosecution. Remember Sudan is not a signatory to the Rome Statute but President Omar Al-Bashir has been indicted and even put under Arrest Warrant. AU members are being mislead and it is hostile and wild. The international community is moving towards global governance and it is now very hard for the state to commit international crimes and get away with it. How comes the same African states are pleased when the perceived political opponents are indicted at the ICC? This is double standard that will not save the AU from the glare of the rest of the world. Pulling out en mass does not mean that the Court will not intervene in the African cases…unless the same states also walk out from the United Nations. But even in this case they will not be justified to use brutality and kill at will. Still the world will ensure that peace and security are maintained.
Show of might is seen in the Kenyan corruption allegations. Powerful individuals will always steal with impunity. No stolen public money has ever been given back to the state. There is no political will. If this is something that African Union wants to copy then the Union shall fail as the OAU. Ask me more about this in camera.
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