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Better Celebrate Life Other than Death…

This is the naked truth – life is to be celebrated while death is a pitfall of mankind!

There is more to celebrate in one’s life than holding expensive feasts to commorate one’s death. I believe that life should be celebrated for what it is to each of us. Those who still wait that there will be celebration when they will be dead are mistaken.
I have witnessed people slaughtering cows and feasting when a relative is dead. This tradition should change. There should be more celebration when one is born. Birth is a new life coming into the world. Death is life getting out of the world. At death, the best thing we should look at, is to pray that the dead may be at peace with his or her gods.
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Dr. Peter Onyango O. is one of our main contributors. He is a senior law lecturer, a writer, a consultant, peace ambassador, and a researcher. He assists so many professionals, legal minds, and debaters with his skills and scholarly wealth! He supports children and village community as a way of giving back to community. He edits, proof reads, and publishes various articles for our page!


  1. In agreement with you.
    A villager falls sick; needing only Ksh15,000 for his/her medical bill. A village funds-drive raises only Ksh4-7K!

    As a result, the fella dies. For his/her burial, the villagers raise up Ksh200,000; to used in buying of food stuff-sending the fella with dignity! Apparently, one is dignified on dying rather than in life!

    • The government must come up with a better and efficient health service system. Many people die without being attended to because of down payment demanded by hospitals. Something must be done to ensure that life comes before money.

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