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Black-man’s burden not in doubt even in the 21st Century

The black man is more susceptible to trending media products even though he makes minimal contribution to the generation of knowledge. This is a form of new slavery or bondage in the 21st Century that faces the African continent more than other continents.

Paradoxically, the black man is learning all bad things that come up with cyber technology. Immoral and unethical behaviour that is more destructive than constructive. What is happening now is amazing. Cyber has moved to smart phone and every young person can now chat, send messages, images and receive the same. In many cases, people communicate with aliens and people they do not know in reality. Now you can guess who has your information and what such person can do with it.

In Russia and some Asiatic countries over 130 teenagers have lost their dear life due to a suicidal game known as Blue Whale Challenge. Children who use the game end up killing or ruining themselves. It is this bad. It is pegged on the lack of knowledge, loss of the meaning in life, values, and reality.

Schools are already cautioning youth about the use of some social media software due to cyber crimes and many other deviance behaviour in society. Parents are also advised to guide their children towards the use of social media and internet products.


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