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Shall the newly born George inherit the throne after Queen Elizabeth?

Do you know why the United Kingdom will stick to the traditional monarchy at least for some time to come? Britain’s 15-month-old Prince George is being “crowned” with a new title after winning another opinion poll. The young tot is considered the ultimate “fantasy” child, according to public opinion by U.K. voters. It’s hardly news that the future king of England is a royal charmer in his own right.
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United States of America is a child of Great Britain but has never been the admirer of its monarchic system. America sided with John Locke’s theory of democracy while United Kingdom preferred Thomas Hobbes’ theory of powerful and absolute sovereignty vested on one monarch. Hobbe was a darling for England while Locke was a darling for USA. However, many free states today prefer Locke’s theory than Hobbe’s Laviathan.
This weblog is interested in revealing some of the reasons why UK will still stick to the Monarchism despite the negative attitude about it. One reality is that there shall be no more UK should England do away with the Monarchy. Second, this shall permanently damage the Commonwealth and its affinity with the Royal power of Great Britain. Another issue, is that the small Island, England, the Greatest colonizer of the world, will be now a power to fight by other nations. Doing away with the Palace shall be a great doom for the UK even in terms of its politics, culture, economy and influence. Abolishing Monarchism means, England may lose ties with North Ireland and Scotland. Definitely, the umbelical cord that has been tying the UK together will be broken and the name UK or GB may disappear from the world map.
Even if, UK spends a lot of pounds to sustain the Royal Family, I can tell you that the practice is still there to stay. The Continental Europe has had hard politics with the UK due to its policies and love for the Royal Family. Several times, UK has threatened to quit European Union or to reject some of its policies. The fact remains, that, the monarchic form of government blended with Parliament, makes the whole design of the English smart jurists win over many Republics in the world. It is right to know that, there is no written constitution of England or of the UK. It is all based on customary rules known to all citizens and not objected by any nation party to the UK agreement.
UK has only an elected Prime Minister and Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The traditions are still well kept. The English people love their Queens and Kings as they love their Sterlin Pound. The Image of the Queen is seen in their currency. The nations do all they can to ensure that the Monarchic Family is there to stay. Anything that can betray the confidence in the Royal Family shall always be thwarted and handled with due respect and reasonable amount of secrecy. Long live the Queen! In the Middle East, the Monarchs perfom better than the Republics. It is a matter of choice. At this point, when Queen Elizabeth dies, then the young Prince George will become automatically the King of England. Such titles as the Prince, the Princess, the Duke or Duchess are still there to stay.
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