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Building Bridges Initiative…What next?

It is good to agree to disagree! When two political rivals came together in public and shook hands, most of their political alliances were left guessing what happened? Rt. Hon. Raila is a veteran politician in Kenya. He is known for many good things. His stand has always divided the country. Whenever he stood as opposition guru in the Kenya’s politics, many Kenyans have appreciated him as a person who cares for the people. He selflessly stood for the people in may ways. He lead demonstrations and critics against the regimes. He made Kenyan politics vibrant and any Daily without Raila’s story may not sell.

When he decided to join his political rival, the sitting President in a land-breaking handshake, the political landscape in Kenya changed. The opposition disappeared and the duo only spoke of uniting Kenya in the BBI project. Building Bridge Initiative is what keeps Kenya holding together till today. Hand-shake is the song of the day. Whoever seeks to go against the hand-shake usually fails to succeed.

As much as peace and stability are the core values in the hand-shake deal, it is like the opposition politicians lost the direction. Only Hon. Musalia Mudavadi seeks to emerge but even in this, he is not able to oppose what the government is doing. Whoever speaks against the government is like Anti-Handshake and stands to be rejected. Hon. Ruto has been agitating for his succession ambition in 2022 but he has been met with wrath from the Hand-Shake supporters.

But, is the situation generally good for Kenyans? My answer is no. As many people undergo hardships all over the country, there is no dissenting position from politicall divide. Right now people in the northern part of the country are faced with hunger, famine and hardships. It is hard to find any politician speaking for them. The elected people representatives also fear for their political future and have decided to go silent. Even the vocal majority leader, Hon. Duale has gone quiet. The majority leader in the Senate Hon. Murkomen has lost his vocal politics after the handhsake deal. Even the minority leaders in both houses are nowhere to be heard. What is left now is for the two leaders, the President and the Opposition leader to steer the country with wisdom. The rest are waiting to get their proper bearings after the Handshake. Some politicians may lose their direction after 2022 unless they remain relevant to the people and to the two Handshake initiators.

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