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Build bridges as opposed to walls, the Pontiff tells world leaders

Cynics and the Republicans have not been amused by the Iran Deal sealed by President Obama. The same administration of President Obama had promised to close Guatanamo Bay Detentions in Cuba and to open diplomatic relations with Cuba and now it is done. Now Cuban flag is flying again in the Washington DC after decades of cold diplomacy. It is not easy to understand what is in the mind of President Obama as he is out to fulfill his campaign promise before leaving the big office on earth. The first person that does not stomach this Nuclear Deal with Iran is the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. When he visited the USA he skipped meeting President Obama and went ahead to address the Congress on the issue affecting the region. This weblob is more interested in what is really happening in the Middle East and world politics?
America started by derailing the government of al Assad of Syria after throwing out the government of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Maintining peace in the region has become a very intricate task for the USA. While supporting the rebels against President Bashar al Assad, America realised that the situation of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria was becoming a menace. Supporting the rebels was like supporting terrorists. As ISIS is getting out of hand and Iraq government is not capable to deal with the unfolding situation, USA had to go back to the drawing board. Iran has been a sworn enemy of the USA especially in its attempt to produce Nuclear Weapons in the region. The same Iran has been accused of supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen, a situation that provoked Saudia Arabia. The entire region has been concerned with peace in Yemen and how to restore the democratic grovernment.
The cost of war in the Middle East is a threat to Turkey, Greece and Italy. The position of President Obama’s two-state-solution between Israel and Palestine has not been well taken by some world leaders. However, the president decides to disappoint Israel and please Palestine as a strategy of restoring peace in the region. Do a lesser evil to prevent greater evil dilemma is clear in this foreign policy. It is a way of building bridges and ensuring that nations will not suspect one another anymore. I agree that there is no perfect solution to the world problems. Congratulations to the President for this bold move. Whether Nuclear empowered Iran will bring lasting peace in the region is a question worth millions of dollars. Whether Israel will remain secure and at peace in the troubled Arab region is still a question worth millions of dollars. Will Iran now conquere Iraq and stop the ISIS? Will this bring lasting peace among the Kurdish in Turkey and Syria? Will Saudia Arabia be comfortable with Nuclear capable Iran? Will the problem of Yemen be resolved by this Nuclear Deal with Iran?
The deal brings more questions than answers as specialists and anti-deal supporters think that there is something USA is not willing to share with the world about it. Whoever is aware of how President Obama moved the world after George W. Bush will agree that the President has talents of building bridges and not walls.
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