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Time might be running out for Burundi to put her house in order

Prophets are allowed to prophesize but intellectuals are allowed to predict. In this blog am not making any prophecy but predicting what might be the outcome of President Nkurunziza winning his 3rd term in office. It has been part of discussions in this blog that the situation in the Republic of Burundi is wanting. Is Burundi going to be peaceful after the President wins his controversial 3rd term bid? Will the President attract the international community by insisting on his 3rd term despite the dissenting opinions? How will the region look at it? How will the President form good diplomatic ties and build confidence in his government? On the contrary, if he does not win the next Presidential Elections, will another winner form the government with members of parliament whose elections did not meet the required international standards?
It is likely that Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza will force himself into power just to fulfill his quest for 3rd term in office. I predict that this will be the beginning of hell breaking loose in Burundi. It will open many healing wounds after several years of civil wars and genocide in this small and poor African nation. He will be like a crook holding an office of power but has no capacity to deliver.
What is certain is that the oppositions are still concentrated in the capital city Bujumbura. It is also true that they are not going to cease the struggle to ensure that Mr. Nkurunziza steps down or quits his bid. In the rural Burundi, the situation is calm and Mr. Nkurunziza is accepted by the folks.
It is right to borrow leafs. Ivory Coast tried to do the same when Mr. Laurent GbaGbo tried to cling on power. There was a coup d’E’ta’ approved by the international community to oust him out of power. He is now facing his charges of crimes against humanity, something, that any right thinking leader would regret. In Burkina Faso, Mr. Blaise Campaore’ did exactly the same after getting into power using military power. He is now faced with possible charges of treason. In Senegal, life president, Mr. Wade, had to admit defeat when he realised he would not go far with his quest for life presidency without being ousted maliciously by the people.
There is wait and see option. Mr. Nkurunziza might find himself between the rock and a hard place should he insists on his bid. The opposition has declared the use of force to ensure that he is pushed out of power. I am aware of the negotiations and mediations that the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni is spearheading. If the same Museveni has done the same in Uganda, then, such mediation and conciliation methods may not bear fruits.
Predictably, Burundi may land into terrible disaster should the situation perpetuate and should Mr. Nkurunziza clinch the 3rd term. He has all the blessings of the judiciary, his confidants and the forces, but justice will be on the side of the opposition.
This is not a prophesy but a prediction based on critical analysis of the antagonizing situation in Burundi. It is about political ethics and leadership. Power should be with the people and not the individual…!
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