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Kenyan Middle Class Invest Heavily In Cars

Many Kenyans invest in motor vehicles and houses. What is surprising is how some car owners like decorating their cars. The whole thing started with matatu – the Kenyan commuter mini buses and vans. The decoration has become one of the lifestyles as people put many writings and paintings as they wish. At night sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between casino and a bus taking passengers to long distances. Some type of lights can confuse other drivers that think they are crashing on a wall and end up smashed by night heavy weight tracks. Decorations of vehicles in Kenya is something that is raising a lot of concern by other motorists. Some people even put blinking lights on the wheels to create impression. Nairobi by night is very crazy.
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  1. All what is said about decorating cars is true. I wish we can choose one color for out mini-buses, another color for vans etc

    • I really agree with you on this. Imagine CID officers in civilian clothes and a civilian car stopping you on the highway, how can you differentiate them from carjackers? Something must be done to avoid such errors in the security sector.

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