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Have You Ever Thought of Developing a Career?

Have you ever asked why some people are job seekers for life? Has it occurred to you that you are looking for a job of your choice but finding none? Assi Agency Ltd is here for you.
Many young graduates tend to put cash first and work after. This is damaging. Indeed, it is like putting the cart before the horse. Employers are not foolish. What they need from you is work not where to spend their money. Graduates have a belief that once you have a university degree then you are rich…rubbish. This is just an illusion and mere imagination. Wealth comes from hard work and nothing else. Even pirates and fraudsters have to sweat to get what they steal. How about you? If you expect job offered to you in a silver platter then you are just lucky. Not so many people have such luck in life. Unfortunately, the majority of people must sweat and work hard for their earning.
The mistake many young people do is to start looking for job from a wrong angle. They quickly jot down some lines and call it CV. For them having a CV is like having a job contract already. This is mistake number one. Mistake number two, they think that whenever they meet a potential employer then they have the job. Mistake number three, do not assume that you must start earning quickly and make wealth.
Assi Agency asks you to apply for career development programme. Write us an email at assiagency@gmail.com then wait for the form and procedures. Terms and conditions shall apply. You are going to join the network of trainees and trainers online for you to develop a winning CV and how to approach job market. The firms does not promise you any job but shall endeavor to prepare you for one. Remember that your life depends on you almost 88%. It is not the employer to look for you but you to look for him or her.
Self-employment is a very challenging experience. I have tried it severally in my life. It is very disappointing sometimes when things do not work on your way. The time I shed tears for the first time in my adulthood was when I worked in marketing a vacuum for cleaning houses worth almost 3000 US dollars per piece. I had to look for potential clients, book appointment and demonstrate it in their private houses. The time I had to provide leaflets at a supermarket and people were deviating from me, I broke down into tears. It was a terrible experience. Failure to sell means no income and no tip at all. Imagine I had to fuel my car and present myself almost the whole day.
Never take your life for granted. You have what it takes to make yourself comfortable.
Step number one: have strong self-confidence; number two: be at peace with yourself and with everybody; number three: cultivate a smile on your face even if you are anxious. Never show people that you are miserable and suffering. In social psychology we are taught that people tend to fear those who have problems and avoid their presence by all means. Never scare people by your problems. Clean your face, be smart, and smile even if you are broke.
Assi Agency is specialized in human resource development and has what it takes to help you develop career without fatigue. Stay where you are and use internet…all you need is your determination and commitment. Get registered in the network and there you are.
You can send your inquiries on the box below and it is our responsibility to respond to you. Frequently visit this website for more information.

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  1. Life is full of pressures. There are social, economic, political, and cultural pressures around the person. Such pressures tend to build up into disappointments concerning an individual identity. It is not right to assume things in society. What is right is to develop positive attitude about things and to handle yourself with calm. A graduate seeking a career must first consider identifying his or her areas of interest and capacity. Follow your passions and never be forced into a career. Parents tend to force their children into a career hoping that their likes shall be the likes of their children. Such is wrong estimation. Each person is an individual and can develop his or her career independently from that of the parents.

    • I do appreciate this insight. Life is changing just as priorities also change. What is at stake is the individual that seeks to identify his real place in society. I concur that what is true in all this is the passion and attitude one has towards things. The first approach to secure a job is to be at peace with oneself. Never show that you are under pressure to get to a career. Love what you are out to do and you will see the success. However, too much rigidity is also bad. One must open up himself or herself to the world. The more experience you have the more you get maturer. Never stick to one thing as though you have no other options. For instance, your passion is to be a teacher but you cannot secure a place for that. What comes your way is toilet cleaner. At the end they both pay. Start with what is available then later you can move to the next. There is difference between working for passion and money. We all need money to survive and work is the only means to get money. I agree that both passion and need for money must go hand in hand.

  2. My number one priority was working for an NGO because it is a well paying job. I got one but the contract was short lived. I tried a corporate but I was not happy in it. I worked for marketing, and my earning was a commission on sold goods, a very disappointing job. Is hopping from one career to the next the right thing to do? What is your advice?

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