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That Kenya is Food Insecure May Not Be In Doubt

The world statistics on food security places the Republic of Kenya among the countries that are facing acute  food shortage and adverse  insecurity. Food insecurity does not only refer to lack of its availability but also accessibility. Today as we speak, many Kenyans, as individuals, families and communities, are facing …

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Healthy Eating is not a Luxury Anymore

Many Kenyans are more concerned about their health today than ever before. It is no more a fashion to be overweight and medical physicians always caution their patients about the diet, lifestyle and sports. The situation is worse when it is a lady. Being an overweight creates a feeling of …

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Climate Should Concern All of Us

If Kenya is to burn, certainly, it will burn with all of us! Each one of us was born into a reality of nature that seems to be preordained. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day. Some countries have more hours of sunshine while …

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Nairobi river a menace to human health

God loves the residents of Nairobi This is the river that joins Athi river at some point. In Athi river some people rely on the polluted water for their domestic use, cleaning themselves and also watering their gardens and animals. I still wonder why NEMA and the government are silent …

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Lifestyle is changing as the middle class expands

Many Kenyans are now embarking on traditional food. As supermarkets are inflated with imported food from Asia, Europe and elsewhere, many Kenyans are becoming very careful with lifestyle diseases. There is more liking for posho made from fingermillets, sorghum, vegetables grown organically, and using hands instead of utensils. What was …

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