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Decolonization and After – What next for Africa?

Colonial rule is not entirely to blame for the African woes! The proscribed wars of liberation in the world were received by mixed reactions. Some people thought it was too early for the colonial powers to surrender powers to the local leaders while some argue that it was a necessary …

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Foul and indecent use of words Not Acceptable

Racial slurs being used in the USA while other leaders are watching! It is not for the first time that Head of State and President of the United States of America makes provocative remarks. President Donald Trump has not only done it once but repeatedly and he shows no regret …

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Vetting and not vetting can make a difference…!

Vetting has become a common terminology in the Kenya’s administrative system. Why was vetting imposed on state officers? It is not a nice term for any human being. It is intimidating and it threatens human conscience. However, vetting has brought about some sanity in the Kenya’s system. The vetting board …

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Moi: The Statesman by Andrew Morton

As much as I was very young, I can testify that I saw the president for the first time in my life. I stood a long Kisumu Busia road with my fellow students to cheer and sing for him during his nation-wide tour of the country. Simple and very humble …

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There is a systematic trend of killing history and memoir!

Any strong nation shall never part ways with its history and the reason for co-existence! “Nationalism” is what brings individuals together around one flag, one national hymn, one ideology and patriotism. Divided we are weak and united we are strong. A strong nation is a naiton with history. One day …

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Why the Catholic Church in Kenya lost its relevance?

May God Bless our Beloved Pope Francis in his service to the people of God! Kenya is one of the African countries where White missionaries did a great evangelical work. Actually, Mr. Rebman that started the church at Rabai in the Coast was sent by British missionaries to convert the …

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