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Catholic stand on the right of the family is unshakable

Pope Francis is a soft speaker but when it comes to rights he is emphatic on Catholic stand. He is known to tbe a simple Pope. His intervention in world issues has been known to be persuasive, effective and very convincing. He made inspiring speech to the Congress and passed his message across despite the new laws passed on marriage. He managed the same with the White House despite President Obama’s liberal beliefs. In his visit in the USA this year and his speech in the UN General Assembly, Pope Francis carried the day. He did not offend anyone and his intervention left a blue-print. “Farmily” is the basis for humanity and any law or policies we make must respect family rights. At the Synod with the Bishops in Rome, the humble Pope reminded the Church leaders not to burry their heads in the sand. He admits that the world is changing and the Church must change with it. But, get him right, he did not admit homosexuals in the Church. Family must be hetero and not homo…no more no less. Still Catholics stick to the traditional faith in natural law despite admitting the change. This blog is interested in revealing the universality and supervenience. There is a good that belongs to the whole humanity. Cogently, the world should not interfere with certain rights. Change is good! Yes. But it must respect some ethical principles to which we all subscribe.
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