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Terrorism has no race, no religion, and no ethics

First and foremost, condolences to the victims of Charleston attack in the United States of America. Words cannot explain the reason of such a heinous act. All we can say is that terrorism has no colour, no race nor nationality. Al-Shabaabs are not only in Somalia and Kenya, they are everywhere. As a Briton can join Somalis in killing Kenyans is how a white American can show the same hatred towards the black Americans. Killing members of a congregation during prayer meeting has been reported in Iraq, Kenya, and several parts of the world. The horrific attack at a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, was allegedly carried out by a young white man who appeared to have deliberately targeted the church simply because it was serving African-Americans. Hatred comes from failure to forgive our fellow human beings.
This weblog is condoling with the victims and pleading with the American society to reverse its policies and rules on the use of fire arms. Now nobody can tell who is a terrorist and who is not. It is a criminal ideology circulating in the minds of people. A terrorist is anybody who has some evil in mind and is ready to carry out crime on innocent people. In Kenya, a Briton who was killed by KDF in the Kenyan territory was certainly not a Somali. Some Kenyans have been arrested in terror attack. In every part of the world there is an element of terror and the question is, why should one thing of something like this? What are the root causes of performing evil? Certainly, there are no ready answers to such questions. I said it in other blogs that the narrative which holds that terrorists are Muslims or from Arabic race is totally incorrect and groundless. Even a European can commit similar crimes, as the British national that joined the ISIS in Libya to commit crimes. It is now the right time to define terrorism and deal with it upfront. A 21 years old boy, given a firearm by his father for his birthday present! Incredible!
May your souls rest in peace. God Bless the world.
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