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Child Abuse….

It saddens to hear what is happening around the world. Some Catholic clergy are being arraigned in the law court to face justice afer being charged of malicious child abuse. It is the Church to provide us with moral directions. I am not sure of where the world is heading to. Religion has lost its key role in society. In Kenya so many thigns are disturbing about churches. So many so called cults, occults and unofficial churches are involved in terrible practices such as stealing, cheating, sexual offences, violating family rights and so on. What is is happening in Kenya is beyond freedom of worship as we know it. There is a terrible trend in society today and leaders have lost it all.

Religion in itself is necessary for societal harmony and continuity. What is at risk here is social health. Now to make matters even worse, the use of social media to replace religion and other traditional systems that used to provide people with guidelines is even worse.

Utterances from politicians only make things worse and render humans more worried lot. Is it a jungle life? Can we recover whatever has been lost? Can we go a little back in time and discover our true identity? Africa is vulnerable in the entire process…it lacks so much as comapred to other continents. Africa is just innocent while other countries and continents are busy finding the solution to the problem…

If anything achild is innocent and must be protected by society. Read more on this story…there is more on Child Abuse in Kenya.

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