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Other side of the coin: Climate change a curse or a blessing!

African continent enjoys high intensity of sunshine as compared to Europe and America. It has potentiality of tapping solar energy more than other continents. It is not a surprise that what has been taken for granted for Centuries by Africans will one day turn to be the source of wealth and huge income. What Africa needs in order to do this is just good will and technology. I do believe that young Africans can turn what has been wasted into great wealth. This story instead is meant to reveal something that may still challenge this great opportunity.
Climate change is now in the mouth of every world leader. Its reality has become true and the Paris Convention shall be different from the Copenhagen since the USA is resolving to reduce its carbon emission. May be, China will follow suit and other industrialised European countries. Africa will be left out since its carbon emission is negligibly small.
Paradoxically, our roads are getting full day by day by cars that use fossil energy. Most of the cars have high level of polluting the air. The cities such as Nairobi, Lagos, Johannesburg and others in Africa are experiencing increased number of cars. African middle class invest mostly in motor vehicles more than houses. As a result, still the question of considering Africa out of the box of polluters is out.
What Africa needs urgently is to come up with environmental framework. Cities must have measures that would enhance the environment other than many buildings and road expansions.
It is in Kenya that public reserves such as forests are degraded and logging is a giant business owned by rich and powerful politicians. The crisis facing Mau Forest is not over yet. Cutting of trees from rain forests in Congo and great parts of Africa may not make the efforts to improve environment any better. Remember that the greatest deserts are in Africa. Saharan Africa used to be green some thousands of years back. The desert is catching up with areas that have been green due to excessive use of soil, air pollution, over grazing and human constructions. Africa still needs strict environmental policies.
It is a fact that African population is growing steadily. Such growth translates into high demand for food supply. Food supply requires more use of agricultural activities. Agricultural activities require more lands and this has caused major land grabbing in Kenya. State owned lands usually end up in the hands of powerful individuals who use it for farming activities.
It is easy to say that Africa will benefit from climate change but it is practically difficult to explain how. It requires extra effort and subtantive policies in place. Governments must be serious about the environment before it gets out of hand.
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