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Climate Change and Adaptation

Over 16 Million Kenya shillings meant for research and project of climate change and adaptation has been added to corruption cash-box and poor researchers shall see it again. As Kenyans keep on stealing project money, part of the society is dying of hunger. The long drought, high temperatures, skyrocketing food prices are turning many Kenyans into beggars.

Politicians are busying themselves gumbling for who will be in power in 2022. The call for the President for leaders to deliver their promises to Kenyans get into deaf ears. Kenyans are busy planning what next to steal. Even corpses disappear from the mortuaries. Children are smuggled by traffickers – Lamu is now a haven for drug dealers and nobody has the guts to say it. There is only one man Mr. Hajji – the DPP…but where are the rest of Kenyans. Who will support Hajji in his tough war on graft and crimes?

Wealth can buy justice in Kenya and everybody is aware that rich people in Kenya are never convicted and shall never see the gates of jail. Incredible but true.

Climate Change is just in documents but nothing is being done about it in Kenya. The “Dam” scandal has taken away billions of shillings…Tell us what is happening and how best to save the sinking boat?

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