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Be Informed About the Climate On A Daily Basis


As many parts of the Western countries there is too much snow, rain and nice weather, most parts of Africa are dry, dusty and hot. Such are the weather extreme events that we have started experiencing. In Kenya, so many parts are experiencing long droughts. Some parts are now getting worried of the future of such events. Food security is uncertain while safe water is becoming already a big concern in many parts of the country. Farmers are now subjected to water shortage and no more enough grass to feed their animals.

While political leadership is still sleeping on the job, many Kenyans are undergoing serious sufferings that may claim human lives very soon. Public health in Kenya has become critical while medics are ever on strike. Nurses are also threatening to follow suit as their CBA has not been respected. The same to lecturers among other professions.

Nairobi has not experienced rain for now almost 3 good months. Water is becoming scarce and expensive. Food is scarce and very expensive. Health is very expensive at the private hospitals while public hospitals are soon closing down.

Where are we heading to? Strikes, misery, hopelessness, and anger. Many are getting very hungry while life is getting more stiff in all corners of the country. All this is not about the government in office but each one of us. Climate change is about us all. What is your contribution to make the weather bearable? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? What are you pledging or you are waiting for Mr. Trump to change his mind and send American dollars???

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