The fact that Paris Agreement of last December 2015 during the COP21 has brought some hope to a world that gets desperate day by day. My question is about the African Union region. Africa is badly hit by the impact of climate change. There is no doubt that the African continent is vast and diverse. Climate regimes in Africa are credibly diverse. The ecosystem and biodiversity are affected by the changes in the climate trends. Before the loss and damages are done it is time to question the commitment and responsibility of individual states.
As now we prepare for COP22 in Marrakesh in Morocco, this is another Conference of Parties taking place on the African soil after South Africa (Durban). But what does Africa have in store for the world?
Some African states have not invested efficiently on climate based research. Now that Africa has embraced the adaptation strategy, it is also correct to solicit more funding from the climate funds as approved by COP21. There should be more visible commitment from the African governments. I don’t mean to say that nothing is happening. AU has its own climate policy and strategy. There is African common position as negotiators. Individual states and governments are doing something about climate change governance especially towards building more resilience and reducing vulnerability.
There are many unanswered questions. The awareness about climate change is still very poor in the African region. Capacity is still a big problem in the African continent. Are the Africans prepared and enabled to deal with scientifically and technologically based problems? Is there sufficient climate information in the media?
If Africa is to remain relevant with her policies then time is now. Climate change offers more opportunities than threats for sustainable development. It is now that governments must engage with academic institutions and spur great research in the field of climate change and adaptation. Climate governance is critical if Africa is to survive in its quest for relevance.
Still there are no books written by African authors on the subject and what is out there is from Oxford or Cambridge. This does not show any seriousness from the African researchers. The truth is that governments barely motivate intellectuals and experts. There should be research awards and motivations of professors who dedicate their time to read and perform research in the area of climate change and adaptation.
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