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Code of Ethics Should Commence From Top

There is Corruption also in the house of God- Pope Francis said it during his visit to Kenya.
There is a German say, the fish starts rotting from the head not from the tail. Corruption is a serious problem in Kenya and any fight against graft must begin from top.
Code of ethics is not a book of law but morally compelling principle that works more in the conscience other than behavior. It is inside the mind and souls of each individual other than externally coercing principles on human behavior. How if one signs the code of ethics and fails to believe in it? Ethics is the part of body above the neck while law works on the part below the neck (thorax and abdomen).
President and founding father of Tanzania Julius Nyerere changed the conscience of Tanzanians using himself as an example. He was a very simple leader, he did not grab anything, he turned all gifts to the service of the Umma. Tanzanians referred to him with his profession, Mwalimu, meaning teacher. He emphasized on human values, Utu wa Binadamu, and he succeeded. He was simple, his motorcade was nothing to compare with that of other nations. Almost all his nationals saw in his leadership a proper code of ethics. This is what I mean by code of ethics is in our mind-set…it should begin from the head and not he tail. If Nyerere understood the principles of ethics and applied it in his leadership, Kenyans can now understand why fighting graft shall remain a challenge and more political than ever.
Pope Francis emphatically urged Kenyans to shun corruption. President Obama did the same at the same Kasarani grounds. Both leaders urged leaders to make hard choice. It is not a question of pointing fingers but to consult our conscience. We must stand against tribalism, negative ethnicity and corruption. Pope Francis message to the youth was very emotional and stronger than what he gave the elderly. The ruin of any society is in the youth. We must see God in our life. His message had wise counsel for the youth.
Leaders must create employment for the youth and stop radicalizing them. Corruption is a path to death…Pope Francis reiterated. President Obama told Kenyans to say enough is enough. Pope Francis said, “you must start now”. The Pope admitted that even inside the Vatican City State there is corruption. Accepting bribe we destroy our hearts, personality and country. Never develop taste for the sugar known as corruption. Even Argentina has been going through corruption. The hearts of men and women are wounded by corruption.
However, all depends on the leadership. We should lead by example and not by words and niceties. a LEADER MUST BE A TEACHER OF THE SOCIETY…Social injustice must be addressed decisively by top leadership.
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