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State officers must be subjected to compulsory medicine

Laws of African states must address clearly the situation in which the head of state loses his capacity to discharge his constitutional duties. What is unfolding in the crisis of Burundi shows some dubbious behaviour of President Pierre Nkurunziza. He tells his people that whether you swell, am your president. He kicks out of office whoever tends to think differently from him. The moment there was coupe attempt during his absence, getting back to the country he failed to address the people in an appropriate manner. He started speaking of the Al Shabaab planning to attack the country other than addressing what was happening in the country. As protesters keep on creating panic in the capital city, the president went to play football. It is also said that he says that God tells him through dreams that he should continue to lead the people of Burundi.
To this extent I think the compulsory psychological test should be imposed on the president. It is in good faith to render a leader incapacitated at some point. Instead of waiting for him to pull out from the race, then the country can use some powers to get him out of office. It is for the public interest. What does it serve when a leader has lost his right senses?
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