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Food security and the role of the private sector in Kenya

I have nothing against the public sector in Kenya but still I do believe that it is only the private sector that will reduce hunger and mitigate starvation in Africa. Before Dominion Farm company ventured into the swamps of river Yala in Siaya County, the land was abbandoned by locals. It was left to the gods and nothing substantive was coming up. The time the Canadian company, Dominion farms moved in, not the environment is developed, the farm is producing one of the best quality rice, maize, bananas among others. The river water is utilised economically using modern farming technology. Now it is the best farm with fish ponds. They share some of their produce to the locals for free. They allow some space for the locals. The farm employs a large number of jobless locals. It is a source of livelihood for the local communities in Siaya. Out of my own personal research, I am the witness to the agricultural development undertaken by the Canadian company. I have been to the farm for bottled water, rice, bananas and many other produce.
The concern of this weblog about the Dominion Farms in Siaya is to wonder why the local political leaders only see politics in every development? See what is happening in South Sudan. The land is immensely fertile and there is river Nile. South Sudan enjoys the benefit of the largest swamp in Africa…but, the citizens die of hunger. The government swindles all the wealth into personal accounts. The population is at war due to hunger. It is not that the Nuer or the Dinkas are naturally hostile, the fact is that, people who are hungry will always switch to arms.
I do believe that only the private sector will save Africa from the scourge of famine. Governments should now privatize the natural resourse to honest private entities. This includes also the wild life and forests. Yala Swamp in Siaya is a home for so many species of birds. It is a real tourist attraction and Siaya County is still playing old politics. Recently, His Excellency the Governor of Siaya, Cornel Rasanga had to run for his dear life when supervising some of the development projects in Gem constituency. Since the MP parted ways with him, youth goons were hired to embarrass him.
As a nation we should put politics aside when we are concerned with development projects. Let the privates now take over the development agenda and manage our resources. They will create employments and pay taxes to politicians. I urge residents of Siaya County not to interfere with the Dominion Farm. It is regressive to have people running to campaign for the company to give the land back to the community… but then, what will they do with the land? Do they have any plan?
The same company has successful farms in Tanzania and Nigeria. I hope very soon it may consider moving to South Sudan. What politicians do and think of is to create dispute and put the locals against the developers. It is very wrong and must change this attitude and backward trends once and for all. Nobody in Africa should die of hunger. In Kenya, the funds lost in corruption can feed Kenyans for a decade. Why to believe in politicians?
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