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Brazil setting a pace for constitutionalism

It is not the first time citizens stand up for their rights when in Brazil the indictment of former President Lula de Silva and opening investigations and legal action against him was frustrated by the elected government the original source. The sitting President decided to appoint him to serve his government in the capacity as the Chief of General Staff was declared an attempt to obstruct justice. Minutes after being sworn in multitude of citizens moved to the streets to object any attempt of the government to arm-twist justice as people called for impeachment of the President for corroboration. In Brazil the President can only be prosecuted by the Supreme Court and not by Federal Courts. Anti government protesters filled the streets calling for justice while the opposition leaders started to instigate avenues for impeaching the government for gross misconduct.
This is the sign of the rule of law, supremacy of the constitution and the sovereignty of the people. It is the people to stand up for justice should the judiciary fail to carry out its mandate and obligations under the constitution. Brazil follows what has been experienced severally in Egypt and the State of Malasia.
African states must promote constitutional courts and stand firm to protect constitutional integrity. Constitutionalism is seen in protecting the values the people stand for, social ideals, good governance, rule of law, human rights, the supremacy of the constitution and the sovereignty of the legislation, separation of powers, perfect freedom, separation of power in the judicial functions and allow checks and balances. Any attempt to stop the government from interfering with the integrity of the constitution is the spirit of constitutionalism. What is happening in Brazil should be replicated in many African post independence states.
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