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Research as a Great Career

Guess what! Many students at the universities in Kenya have not understood what research is all about. Research means to search again. You are expected to build your concept on the existing knowledge. It is like a tree that develops its trunk then branches, leaves and flowers. The tree cannot also regenerate itself without developing itself. In research, the researcher is expected to develop the already existing knowledge and fill the gaps. You must identify the gaps that are missing in an already existing knowledge (literature), then show how you would like to do it (methodology). How do you know what you know? (The epistemology of the research). Show your methods, techniques, tools, and models you would use. Inform your reader, the scholar on how you would like to go about your work before you do it.

It is from here you can come to your theory or conviction of your methodology. Research must be systematic and coherent. The thoughts and ideas must flow. Your variables must be well selected. Sampling methods must be scientific and approved. In this process, the researcher shall come up with an empirical piece of work that adds value to the already existing literature.

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