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Systematic cultural mortification and moral decadence

God Created one man and from the man he made a woman to complete the union – Read the Genesis
Actually where are we heading to? The ruling of the US Supreme Court to make LGBT constitutional means that now every institution must recognize same sex marriage and the failure to do so is a violation of equal rights. Already a Church has been fined 13,000 US dollars for decline to wed same sex in America. Moral institutions will now be forced to accept gay marriages and carry out marriage ceremonies officially and openly. This is one of the most weird rulings the world has ever had. One day the President of Uganda, HE Yoweri Museveni signed a law prohibiting gay marriage and such practices in Uganda. He then said, those who are gay, lesbians and trans, are sick people who may not need to be sent to jail but to be treated. We accept our human diversities but we also uphold values.
A family consists of a man and a woman who are in love. They can beget children and carry on the procreation. Where on earth have we heard of same-sex having children? This is to distort the truth that children come from natural contact between male and female. I do support the Catholic Church in rejecting unnatural sex. The creation belongs to God and it would be wise for us to honour God and his creation.
President Obama has made a very serious blander that may derode the American moral standard if not well controlled. Under human rights rules, the so called universal rights also have some limited rights. I beg to differ. When it comes to this particular ruling then Africans are better with African customary law and practices such as polygamy. There is nothing wrong in such cultures as so long as they are in harmony with what we consider moral values. It is already a crime to subject an innocent child to a false family where the sexual identity of the so called parents is not clear. It is a child abuse to grow up in such a union which has no any meaning. To conclude, St. Thomas Acquinas made it clear that the principle of procreation emanates from natural law, the law from the Creator which no man can outlaw. Making such ruling is also an act of moral terrorism. Then the conservatives are very right. Family values must be protected for the society to continue…
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