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Damages & Losses Caused by Climate Change

Global warming is real. Already it is known that in the city of Cape Town in South Africa safe water is now a big problem haunting residents. Prolonged droughts in many parts of Africa including Kenya, over flooding in some regions, wild fire outbreaks, sea level rising, increasing ice melt, windy and harsh weather are experienced across the globe.

It is my shock that World Economic Forum that has just ended in Davos 2018 has not made climate change their target. It is also strange that Heads of States and Governments from all over the world have not addressed plights facing the poor in the world.

In reality, many African states still invest much funds in development other than research and preventive measures. New diseases are on the rise while the known ones are getting increasingly complicated. All this happens with little or no interest from the African governments. I challenge the African Union to come up with clear strategies on how to deal with threats facing the continent. Many African governments are involved in corruption and acts of impunity other than investing on research. It is very sad that climate change impacts are felt on the environment, resources and the general economy.

It is not too late for African governments to get serious and join the rest of the world in finding new alternatives to mitigate and to adapt to the new climate regimes. It is worrying to realize that government think tanks are silent over pertinent issues that can see many humans losing their lives, livelihood and massive resources lost.

Well, so much is expected from the United States of America to offer leadership. President Trump dismissed any expenditure of American funds on climate change that he refers to as hoax and manipulation of scientists. It is indeed sad that the same USA is adversely affected by climate change impacts including droughts, severe winters, wild fire outbreaks in California and so on.

Other states should not stop the struggle to find alternatives to save humanity due to USA administration that has declared its stand on the Paris Agreement of 2015. Each individual government must make climate change its target and short-term plan. Funds must be allocated to deal with damages and losses that are already occurring. This is an issue that state planners and strategists should not ignore.

There are irreversable losses in the general natural ecosystem. Such losses could be tamed if governments really meant well. Indeed, human life is as well under threat. Severe diseases that require specialized medical care are very expensive and unattainable by the majority of people. Health insurances are getting expensive and beyond the average man accessibility. All is not lost but still our leaders should engage more on the known and the unknown.

Our green ecosystem is under threat and some many species in the flora and fauna are being lost to the impacts of climate change.

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