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This year death has been unfair to Kenyans

On July 14th 2017, former chairman of the TJRC, Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat succumbed to the call of nature. Strange enough, his death or funeral was accorded any state publicity as that of Hon. Nkaissery or Hon. Biwott who also died at the same period. In Who is Who in Kenya, Ambassador Kiplagat fought his way to lead the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission after the Post Elections Violence in Kenya. He defended his position even against all calls from the civil society and prominent Africans to disqualify himself. I remember the retired Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu appealing to him to step down due to his past history with the regime of president Moi. The massacre of the galla people during his leadership as the PS (permanent Secretary) and the assassination of Hon. Dr. Robert John Ouko, the then Minister of International Affairs. He kept repeating his innocence and non partisan position.

Now that he is no more, can we claim that TJRC report that he lead and handed the documents to President Uhuru Kenyatta is dead? Shall the Republic of Kenya revive historical issues to seek more truth and reconciliation? This is the question in the minds and hearts of many Kenyans.

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