In 2017, Kenyans will go to polls to cast their votes on who is to lead them for the next 5 years as per the constitution. 2016 is the campaign period. Politicians are at their game once again and there is nothing better than the past. The divide and rule syndrome is back to haunt Kenyans. Politics has always been ugly with constitutional commission that is in charge for electoral law and rights being doubted by all parties. Use of divisive and abusive terms are out in the air. Hate speech is back to where it was 2007. It is as though this is a normal way of playing politics. The main parties are up to their game. No clear national ideology at all. Too much finger pointing. The tensions are climbing high. Political temperatures are getting too much. The entire society is worried about the unknown…while the economy is doing poorly. There are pending court cases on hate speech, corruption, and other serious political crimes.
This blog story is willing to tell Kenyans to embrace unite and rule principle. It is better when a nation is united, empowered and strengthened. The reason being, you can not rule a divided nation, never. The only option for the incumbent is to ensure that there is unity, harmony and words of peace. Use of police to work on peace agenda is not sufficient. Kenya needs political elite to stand and embrace peace, security and unity. Please leaders make Kenyans feel safe and at peace. Unite the communities. Be in sound terms with counties. Embrace your opponents and support a common national strategy. Defend the constitution at all cost. Shouting and screaming by politicians is only spoiling for Kenya. Lets now hide the truth, the people must be reconciled first. Only reconciled people can cast their vote in a democracy. It is not good to hear key politicians calling others names all the time. Kenyans worth more than what they receive from their leaders. Kenyans need action…not empty words. Politicians must adopt some code of ethics. Mind about what you tell the public and speak what is constructive. No Kenyan is ready to go to the ICC another time. It is us here that can make Kenya a better place to live in. Threats coming from political divides are not good for the nation. Use of militant groups to maim people and make their life difficult is not the right thing to do in a democracy. The constitution of Kenya must be upheld all the time and any campaign to derail it must be challenged. READ MORE ON POLITICAL ETHICS HERE!
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Dr. Peter Onyango O. is one of our main contributors. He is a senior law lecturer, a writer, a consultant, peace ambassador, and a researcher. He assists so many professionals, legal minds, and debaters with his skills and scholarly wealth! He supports children and village community as a way of giving back to community. He edits, proof reads, and publishes various articles for our page!

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