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Shall the United Nations win the way against terrorism?

Indeed, can the United Nations deal with terrorism as it is now? This kind of question is usually asked by bureaucrats, and technocrats and those who are concerned with the operations of the international community. Why is the international organization doing too little and too late to curb terrorism? Such are some of the frequently asked questions by students in class. This weblog is rather interested in pointing out the real conundrum facing the fight against transboundary acts of terror that is shaking the stability of the international community in the 21st Century.
First and foremost, it is better to understand that terrorism still lacks proper interpretation and definition. If terror simply means creating fear then I would say that such definition is too simplified. It is not all that simple. If it is an activity that could be defined as war, then it is not, because it lacks well organized forces such as rebels that fight governments. If one thinks it is about religion, then it is not because it has no religion of its own.
What is real is that it is interfering with international peace and security on which the United Nations was founded. It interferes tremendously with diplomatic relations among states and governments. It has lead to mistrust among the veto powers, that is, China, Russia, USA, the UK, and France.
As we all know, the work of peace and security is allocated to the UN Security Council with 15 members. Only 10 members keep on rotating while the veto powers are permanent. The veto powers also must approve any resolution in order for such decision to be enforceable. Wow! This sounds easy. It is not easy for the 5 veto powers to agree on which direction to take in matters related to terrorism. As per now, whatever decision USA makes may not be pleasant to China nor to Russia. As the superpowers keep on bargaining and suspecting one another, terrorism is claiming lives of very innocent people.
Unless some substantive amendments are done, the United Nations is not well placed to tackle the crackdown on terrorism. Not now. The entire war on terrorism is dedicated to single individual states and governments, or the so called, sovereignties. But how about the weak states such as Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya and Yemen? In this case, these are the most unstable and dangerous states on earth today where terrorism is residing. Should the states and governments be empowered to deal with terrorism within their territories? The response is “yes”. But wait. Empowering single states is what lead the world to the World War I & II. Allowing states too much autonomy and power is what may lead to international lawlessness and anarchy such as in North Korea where the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un can excute anybody at will.
This blog is not meant to peddle fear or create a story of hopelessness, but to bring into social media discussion things that affect our lives but we are afraid to say. I complement the UN for its great achievements since 1945 and urge world leadership to work on the amendment of the Charter in order to reverse the situation.
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