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DRC ever in crisis and it gets worse with time

Democratic Republic of Congo has been one of the thorny realities in the world. It costed the United Nations lots of money for peace-keeping missions in 1960s. The great part of Africa is floating in natural resources including rain forests, gold, diamond and oil among others. The country is large and less developed in terms of infrastructures. The capital Kinshasha cannot manage the entire security needs for the people. What has made it difficult and worse for this part of Africa is the vested interests from the neighbouring states….Uganda and Rwanda have sent their rebels and forces in the Eastern part of DRC that cause mayhem to the residents. Too many cases of human abuse, war crimes and crimes against humanity have been reported. The international community is getting increasingly worried about the number of casualties and refugees fleeing violence. Rebels keep on changing from one kind to the other. There are speculations that President Joseph Kabila is keen on staying in power and uses other states to support his goal.

When the opposition leader died, the government of Kabila got a relief from one who had struggled against the government. Nothing has ever worked well for Congo and in reality, AU has no better option to deal comprehensively with the crisis of the DRC. There is only human loss and tragedy left.

The Republic of Burundi is also sharing borders with DRC and it has as well suffered serious attacks from the rebels from the Eastern part of DRC. The two countries share also great lake Tanganyika but there has never been any better solution to assist DRC attain peace and tranquility over a period of time.

It is our prayer that all African countries should get involved to save DRC from collapsing into the abyss of conflicts! Remember that DRC has one of the world great natural rain forests that add more value to the global environment and it would be sad to see what is happening there right now.

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