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Each day comes with new scandals and no learning from the past

Kenyan is an ethically tied society. Every day a new scam is revealed. But what happens to the old scams? Many Kenyans are losing faith in any struggle to fight graft. Pope Francis reminded Kenyans that the fact that there is corruption everywhere is not sufficient reason to give up on it. The fish starts rotting from the head. When ethical rot is in the Parliament, a dignified house that should uphold law and ethics, then Kenyans have reasons to worry for the future.
For the first time we have heard of the Anti-Graft Watchdog probing on the Parliament. The Kenyan Parliament has been powerful and untouchable. Instead, it is the Parliament that enacts new laws, amends the existing ones, and even repeals the old ones. The same House of law makers are also known for being ruthless to the Commissions and Commissioners… they can fire them and ensure that they toe the line. The Salary and Remuneration Commission headed by Sarah Sarem has been compromised by the same politicians who believe that they are above the law. Prof. PLO Lumumba who was ruthless with politicians was shown the door and his successor was not lucky neither. Right now the same Parliament is supposed to vet the new commissioners but the vote shall go for those who can be compromised. Wait and see! Whoever tends to point a finger at politicians will be committing professional suicide in Kenya.
Dear readers, lets be serious with this behavior of corruption. This is a sick society. It is not normal that every day comes with a new scam. Some cases are pending in court while some are stopped for now evidence…but if it is true that money has been stolen, are we unable to tell who has done it, when, how, and where is the stolen money? Yet Kenya has professionals of high standard. No any court of law can tell where the money goes. This is incredible!
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