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Internet crime is rampant

Dear readers, you know very well that this blog page is profoundly on ethics and how to understand it. You are aware that most of our stories are concerned with wrong and right behavior in our human society. We discuss what seems to be out of standards of ethics. We bring to debate what should be considered as out of proportion and ask you to share your opinions. Surprisingly enough it is common that some users of internet software abuse the electronic communication rights. They tend to use images captured from other sites and map them on their stories. This behavior is unethical and should be avoided. A friend of mine complained of her face used to display unpleasant things online…this is unethical and legally incorrect. It is what we can call identity theft and wrong use of the social media.
Due to this reality some people tend to hide their faces. Instead of putting the real face, they may prefer the face of a cat or an owl or any other animal. This is helping them to remain anonymous to their readers…But to use somebody’s face on your face-book page should be criminal. It is offensive to see your face under somebody’s name. The social media should be used ethically and correctly.
Such incorrect use of social media has made some people feel scared and frightened. It can cause them psychological damage or, worse, mental disorder. When such things occur then we speak of attack or causing harm to others. We refer to this as cyber-war. It is done by hackers and other ill-intention individuals who are bent to cause harm to others or to their personalities.
Lets learn how to use the technology correctly, constructively, ethically, and within the law. Some users are innocent and simple minded persons. They post the images of their new born children to celebrate with the followers. Lets respect the dignity and human value of every person.
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