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There is more than meets the eyes in the Burundian politics

It is a tradition that whenever there is any sort of social crisis especially, those that involve some violence, automatically, what comes into mind is the fault of the Head of State or the CEO. It is not a misplaced conception. Citizens generally elect a leader that can protect them, safeguard their human rights, and ensure that there is law and order. We cannot turn our attentions away from political theories that have been developed many Centuries ago by Locke, JS Mill, and others in Europe and Jefferson in the USA. Burundians are not the wretched on earth. They are also rational beings endowed with basic natural rights. The people elect their leaders in Burundi expecting a better service and an outcome. The first and foremost right is LIFE. Each person is a holder of right to life. This seems not to be the case in the present Burundi. The international community is aware but is doing too little to save the situation. The public opinion blames it ont he Chief Executive Officer, Mr. President. Not realizing that the problem may be bigger than this individual. Pierre Nkurunziza may be a victim of bigger problems engulfing Burundi and the entire Great Lake Region.
The systematic killing going on in Burundi should not be disregarded by human rights lawyers. Actually, people are being eliminated based on their ethnic lines and political affiliations. It is a fact that Burundi is evolving rapidly into lawlessness and anarchy. Killers are mostly from the government. But who gives the order to kill? Is it the President committing some sort of crimes? Is there any element of violations of the international criminal law or any part of the international legal system? Learned Burundians from Hutu community are fleeing the country. Some of them have received death threats from unknown sources. Some have been killed in cold blood. Some are frustrated as they lose their jobs. A number of them are forced to write letters of apology and what might follow is not known. Death in the small country of Burundi has become an order of the day. Human rights violations in Burundi are real and can be testified at the ICC. Why the ICC is not taking keen interest is yet another challenge.
Who can tell if there is no invisible hand of some key power hungry persons? Who can tell if there is no “Blood Gold” in Burundi which, even the President cannot control? Who knows if Burundi is the victim of world-wide hunt for minerals? Who knows if giant superpowers are not involved? Who knows if former leaders such as Pierre Buyoya have no hands in this? Who knows if the neighbours, Rwanda, Uganda, and DRC are not complices to the evil? Who can read what is in the mind of the President? He tells people that he is converted and he is now a saved person in the name of Jesus Christ, while his citizens are suffering and dying. These some of the key questions any ordinary human being would ask.
Burundi may be heading towards a very serious blood letting. Some invisible hands targeting power and control may chose the lesser evil theory and plunge the nation into a black-out. Conflict theory has been used in many ways to bring change in a nation where there is ethnic pluralism and the minority that cannot ascend to power democratically, plan to use skills to create conflicts then grab power. Is Burundi going to solve its own problems? What is in the mind of the African Union? How about, East African Community members? There is high probability that President Nkurunziza is a prisoner in his own country. Sad.
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