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Esther Muthoni Passaris – Women Representative in Nairobi

Strength of a woman! Being in the opposition should not be a crime but a duty!

Esther Passaris is a well known business woman in Kenya. Her struggle and desire to join leadership has never fainted despite her male rivals. She is today the elected Women Rep for Nairobi County. She works in a male clouded environment. She joined one of the most powerful parties, ODM and won by wide margin in August 2018. She is determined to fight along her counterparts in the NASA fraternity despite all the threats from the ruling party, Jubilee. She has not failed to voice her ideas in the open public rallies.

Passaris. also known as mama taa, a project that she supported in Nairobi to lighten the streets, is focused and determined to prove to women that she defends their rights in the House of law making. But as usual this is still yet to be proved.

She is one of the example of few women leaders in the Kenyan politics. She stands by the vision of her party ODM and speaks without fear despite the tense political environment in Kenya. She has not feared to express her mind and say what she wants to say clearly.

Now that she is in the opposition and the government decided to withdraw the security of the elected members and frustrate their objectives, Passaris has never shelved her stand within the coalition. She has been present in almost all public appearances. If she will change her mind or be persuaded otherwise is still a subject of wait and see.

Politicians in Kenya are known for their betrayal. Party hopping in Kenya is nothing new. Buying out members of the opposition is not a thing of the past. Only determined and focused leaders stand their ground. Temptations are so many yet Esther appears to be a lady of principles. She does not show any shaky mind in her determination to leave legacy as a women representative in such a big county as Nairobi. She appears to be brilliant in her ideas and to have heart for single mothers that are so many in the city of Nairobi. How she is going to keep their hopes high being in the opposition is still a subject of wait and see.

As much as she stands out for women who are in need of leadership in a male dominated society, Passaris has differed by several powerful leaders but she has never given up her hope to stand high. She is in the limelight with other women such as Hon. Gladys Wanga, and others. It is only a question of finding out her strategy to make change in the way politics is played and to empower women and girl child. The expectations might be too high but she is proving to stand her ground.

There is nothing easy in politics. There is nothing certain and stable in the Kenya’s politics. However, this does not stop us from evaluating women leaders. The aim is to encourage them and to urge them to promote more women to join leadership and governance.

A leader is one who know how to forgive her foes. Some people question her she can now stand-by Dr. Miguna Miguna who was her fierce rival when she wanted to run for the position of the governor of Nairobi county. She was put on the receiving end but when Miguna Miguna happened to be in the dark side with the government and was detained without trial, Passaris appeared to be on the side of NASA leaders seeking justice in the case of Miguna Miguna. This is a strong sign that Hon. Passaris is a leader who can listen and forgive her sworn enemies in politics. I respect her for this power to forgive and forget. She is principled and has got no fear to express her mind in front of charged public. She can still be a good example for many women who think that politics is a male profession. She respects her dignity and image.

It is not safe to judge anyone or give positive evaluation about a leader. What appears in this blog is sort of what the public can tell as per now. Ranking of leaders should not only look at the failures but also the values and strength of leaders. Leaders are also human beings with blood and flesh. They need us in many ways. One of the ways is to encourage them to keep on doing well what they do without taking political sides. This blog is objective and has nothing to do with political sides one may support. She may have some failures that are not known to us or are irrelevant to this blog.

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