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Europe can seek helping hands

It is real that the migration crisis in Europe might not end soon. It is also real that European Union is totally divided on the strategic plan on how to deal with the situation at hand. On one hand, some may see the reception of refugees as a threat other than a resource for Europe. The reason being, Europe emerged strongly in 1950s recovering from the devastating World War II. The World War II had so much to do with discrimination and hatred based on migration. Still Europe has not fully recovered from the holocausts and anti-aliens. I congratulate Germany for showing good example in accepting more migrants than its counterparts. This is also away of paying back for the image that it had lost. However, some liberalists think that receiving syrians and migrants from other nations shall bring more integration and eventually shall improve the fragile economy. Both sides of argument seem to be tying together.
The interest of this blog story is to throw into the field another ball. How about if Europe seeks collaboration or cooperation from its former colonies, especially from Africa? Would it not be right, for example, for the Commonwealth nations to share the burden, or Francophones and Lussophones to lend hand to Europe? It is in the records that Europe has done so much to promote education, put systems in place and build infrastructures in Africa. Africa cannot forget European missionaries that built hospitals, schools, and assisted poor people. Even recently, France had to send its soldiers to Mali to assist in the conflicts. I complement Europeans for their big heart.
The current crisis facing Europe should not be left to Europe alone. This will be a bad sign and lack of international cooperation.
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